ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation

Veterinary Applications & Case Studies

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Case Two: Foal, Pneumonia & Hematoma

Foal, #72, three months old, filly

SUMMARY: #72 was presented at a Breeding farm in Ocala, Florida with severe pneumonia, rapid heart beat, labored breathing and bloody nasal discharge with pus. #72 had been treated at the University of Florida according to standard protocols and returned to the farm in critical condition with a poor prognosis.

Ig2000 therapy started on May 27. The treatment protocol was 15 minutes 2x per week. Each lung area was treated topically for six minutes and the immune points of the breast were treated for 3 minutes. Twenty-five minutes after the first Ig2000 treatment the rapid heartbeat slowed and the labored breathing eased.

The second treatment was not administered as scheduled because the foal was running a fever. However, the nasal discharge had been resolved and the breathing was not as labored. This was 5 days post 1st. treatment. The second treatment was administered June 5. Dr. Weikert, DVM noted that the coat of the foal looked healthy and the foal had gained weight. The foal was not on antibiotics and steroids were administered every other day. The WBC increased and the foal went back to the University and returned to the farm and was treated with the Ig2000 on 6-30 for pneumonia and a large 5-inch hematoma on the jugular. The foal was also receiving 2 antibiotics. The hematoma reduced one and one-quarter inches with one Ig2000 treatment and was completely resolved after 4 Ig2000 treatments. The pneumonia resolved after seven Ig2000 therapies as of 7-17. The severe hematoma caused thrombosis of the jugular that was treated 12x until 8-16. Fully recovered, the foal was put out to field as of 8-17/18.

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