ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation

Veterinary Applications & Case Studies

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Case Three: Pneumonia & Diarrhea

SUMMARY: #50, a 3-month old foal colt, after being treated with standard treatment at the University of Florida was presented on 5-27 at a Breeding farm in Ocala, Florida in critical condition with pneumonia, diarrhea and thick nasal discharge. The Ig2000 treatment protocol was 15 minutes 2x per week with six minutes of therapy on each lung area, topically and 3 minutes on the immune points of the breast. The nasal discharge resolved after the first treatment with the Ig2000 and there was improvement in breathing, strength and the condition of the foal's coat. Major improvement post 2nd. Treatment. After being assessed by Dr. Weikert, DVM antibiotics were discontinued as of June 4. The WBC decreased measurably according to the farm manager.

Blood work showed normal ranges as of 6-22 and no further Ig2000 treatments, no antibiotics, no treatments of any type required thereafter.

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