ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation

Veterinary Applications & Case Studies

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Equine Fetlock Wound Collage Ig2000 Laser Therapy

Fetlock Injury with Infection and “Proud Flesh”
Fetlock Injury Resolution shown through 53 days and 15 Ig2000™ Treatments
No Antibiotics, Topical Ointments or Gels were administered or applied

Resolution to an Injured Fetlock achieved after only 15 Ig2000 Laser Therapies applied over 53 days. Proud Flesh had formed prior to treatment but denatured and sloughed-off after just one therapy. Infection rapidly mediated without the use of antibiotics - Good wound closure Tissue integrity improved - Minimal scarring observed 2 weeks post final therapy - Hair regrowth was to its natural color - Immuno-Genic’s Ig2000 Immune Modulation Therapy was the only treatment administered.

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