ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation

Veterinary Applications & Case Studies

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“Cowboy King”


Cowboy King, a six year old Thoroughbred Stallion that had been in training to be raced was diagnosed with severely inflamed hocks when he was sent to a major university for treatment and released with the left hock unimproved. The horse was then acquired by its current owners who took him to six veterinary clinics utilizing every treatment available. Alternative treatments were then attempted but the problem continued resulting in severe atrophy. Cowboy, due to the chronic pain associated with the hock, had essentially become a three-legged horse. Being unable to walk or stand on that leg caused the development of a tipped sacrum and the beginning of spinal problems. Cowboy did not look happy or healthy, was dropping weight, and his coat and eyes were dull. After using all that veterinary medicine and all that alternative medicine had to offer with no maintained success with the hock, the owners realized that apparently Cowboy was "at the end of the line and would have to be put down." Even though they were skeptical about the possibility of success the owners decided to try the Ig2000 treatment as a last attempt to heal Cowboy King.

Cowboy limped into the stall for his first 20-minute treatment. Within ten to twelve minutes of treatment he pulled his leg up and started to stand on that leg for the first time in a month. Cowboy's owner stated that, “at that time they knew they would own that machine.” The results of the Ig2000 treatment lasted for two weeks. The owners realized that the stallion would need regular treatment, which they arranged in combination with ultrasound and homeopathic medicine. “The main thing is Cowboy's attitude. His demeanor has changed. He started using all four legs. After the week of treatment with the Ig2000 and ultrasound Cowboy cantered on four legs. In the entire time we've been around him (approximately two years), he had never cantered on four legs. The pain management has been tremendous. We really did not expect these results and would never have believed that he would walk out of the barn on all four legs. I am really, really impressed over the fact that he continued to use that leg for so long before the next treatment. Cowboy is a different animal. He runs and plays, his coat is shiny, and his eyes are bright.”

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