ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation

Product History

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The technology being commercialized by IGC was conceived by Dr. Doyle Brown, Ph.D. and developed by Dr. and Mrs. Brown. Dr. Brown's expertise was in the field of quantum physics and acoustics. The impetus for the invention was to attenuate the physical pain of cancer patients, a disease Dr. Brown's mother suffered from. Upon the death of Dr. Brown, his widow and co-inventor Mary Brown continued the project. Ms. Brown authored and was awarded the patents for the technology in the United States plus twenty-three foreign countries. Ms. Brown herself overcame Lymphoma in 2005 and remains the Chairman and President of IGC.

Veterinary research was conducted in the field, lab, university and commercial clinical settings. The outcome of these research efforts provided a clear understanding that the technology goes far beyond the attenuation of pain to the activation and modulation of the immune defense systems wherein Nitric Oxide, B & T-lymphocytes and thymocytes were elucidated.

The research centered on obtaining data to garner the approval of the United States Food and Drug Administration, FDA, to market the product. During this research period several of the devices were sold in the veterinary market for continued research and trial commercialization in commercial small and large animal clinics and veterinary re-hab centers for non-invasive, non-drug pain management, tendon & ligament repair, pulmonary conditions, and wound management. It was during the course of this endeavor that discoveries relating to the ocular applications of the technology became impressive. At the core of the IGC technology is a unique wavelength of near/mid infrared light that has specific intrinsic properties. These properties are uniquely different than all other infrared wavelengths. The wavelength generated by the IGC technology has a 100% water absorption coefficient. Therefore, this unique infrared light need only absorb into mammalian tissue to have an immediate effect initiating the immediate generation of both a local and systemic immune system response. All other known or currently marketed infrared therapeutic device wavelengths are impervious to the water molecule. Further, the FDA, per Laser Notice "50", designates the Ig2000's wavelength as ocular safe for both the operator of the device and the recipient of the therapeutic light. IGC has decided to promote the veterinary ocular market first as there is no other device that can therapeutically treat ocular conditions, ablative surgical lasers, yes, but not therapeutic lasers. The FDA has classified IGC's device as a Non-Significant Risk Device that is Ocular Safe & Athermic (non-heating). The IGC team is working toward expanding the veterinary market worldwide and entering the human markets beginning in the United States and the E.U.

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