ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation

Ig2000™ Modulation of the Immune System Response with the Ig2000

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The Ig2000 is a medical device that utilizes "laser generated light" to modulate the immune system to prompt the body to initiate the healing process for both humans and animals. The Ig technology modulates the immune system through modulation of the nitric oxide response. The technology is based on quantum physics and laser and light science.

Immuno-Genic Corporation’s Ig laser technology is a groundbreaking advancement and disruptive innovation in biophysical laser medical device technology. The Ig systems are the only known therapeutic medical device modalities that can directly treat a major disease process non-invasively, and without negative side effects. For example, the Ig2000 can treat pneumonia by treating specific areas on the body in a non-invasive manner. The Ig2000 operates on the principle of absorption of its non-thermal laser light, versus the heating and penetration of the light of the common light therapy and laser therapy devices commercialized today (See: Wavelength Absorption Coefficients Chart). The Ig2000 emits a patented and specific wavelength of de-focused laser light which possesses unique intrinsic properties that, when absorbed into the body’s water molecules, are recognized by the immune system as an immunogen. An immunogen evokes an immune response. Acting as an immunogen, the Ig’s laser light induces an immune response independent of pathogen. The Ig2000 is also unique in that the response to treatment is systemic as well as localized, and all of the Ig modalities are safe for use in the treatment of the eyes. No protective eyewear is required for the operator of the device or for the patient.

The OcuVet™ ocular device is based on the Ig2000 technology and designed specifically for the direct therapeutic treatment of the eyes with laser light. The eye is an immune privileged site and as such is protected from a systemic immune response. OcuVet eye therapy directly modulates the localized ocular immune response thru the immune cells of the eye and the innate and alternative complement pathway of the ocular immune system. Among the Ocular indications treated commercially today are: 1) corneal ulcers, 2) infections, 3) lacerations, 4) trauma, 4) cataracts, 5) diabetic retinopathy, and 6) Squamous Cell carcinoma.

Therapeutic lasers in general are contraindicated (can not be used) for treatment of: 1) the genitals, 2) where infection is present, 3) when cancer is present, 4) for treatment of the eyes, 5) for treatment of burns, and 6) for treatment of organs; whereas the Ig technology is NOT contraindicated in any of these situations.

Immuno-Genic Corporation has an extensive patent portfolio including the prestigious Triadic Patent which includes the United States, Japan, and the E.U. The Ig2000’s therapeutic wavelength, the medical device, and the treatment method are patented.

The Ig2000 IMT technology is presently commercialized in the veterinary market with expansion into the worldwide veterinary market underway.

The Ig2000 IMT technology has a place in human medicine and the human medical market. The Company is working diligently to complete the required regulatory processes. Please see Press for updates.

The Ig2000™
Different and Superior Over Standard
Therapeutic Lasers and All Light Therapy Devices

Veterinary Applications

  • "Ocular Safety" per FDA Laser Notice “50”: Can Treat the Eye Directly:
    Corneal Ulcers, Infections, Injuries, Lacerations, Diabetic Retinopathy, Cataracts, Carcinomas.
    No protective eyewear needed for the Technician or the Patient
  • "Systemic": Treatments have a Localized and Systemic Effect:
    Viral / Bacterial Diseases, Respiratory Infections, i.e. Foal Pneumonia, Upper Respiratory Infections, Malabsorption Syndrome
  • "Absorption of the Light Not Deep Penetration" No Heating of Tissue, No Peripheral Tissue Damage and No Damage to Healthy Tissue.
  • "Anti-Scarring Properties" Controls Fibrotic Tissue - Externally and Internally -
    Minimal to Zero Scarring after Injury or Ailment:
    Wounds, Eyes, Tendons, Ligaments, Lungs, Post Surgical
  • "Superior Resolution" No Proud Flesh, Accelerated Rate of Healing, Good Contracture, Natural Color Hair Re-growth following Injury, regains Range of Motion


"Modulation of the Immune Response"

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