ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation


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The Ig2000 Global Health Care Initiative

May, 2012 - The mission of the Ig2000 Global Health Care Initiative is to provide Ig2000 medical devices to the community of volunteer and professional health care providers who furnish their time, skills, and efforts in providing health care to the poor and needy around the globe, and to assist them in forging solutions to some of the world's most pressing health care challenges through providing strategic advice and resources to effectuate relevant ideas that will increase all of mankind’s access to health care, and education, worldwide.

The majority of mankind’s health care problems are viral, bacterial or parasitic in nature, and the portable, non-drug, immuno-biomodulative therapeutic technology of the Ig2000 lends itself well to the economically viable treatment of these indications in any medical theatre, whether in the field, clinic or hospital.

Immuno-Genic Corporation initially envisions providing Ig2000 devices to medically deprived populations in the United States. To areas where health care is either unaffordable or unattainable, beginning with the Native American and Appalachian peoples, and then expanding as quickly as possible into Africa and India; with the desired goal being to make the technology available worldwide, to as many health care deprived human beings as is possible. This was the goal of Doyle Brown, PhD†, the inventor of the technology, and it is still, and will always remain, the goal of Immuno-Genic Corporation.

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