ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation


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Immuno-Genic Corporation Headlines

April, 2015 - Dr. Louis J. Stafford, Ph.D has joined IGC as Chief Scientific Consultant.

March, 2015 - AKELA Laser Corporation has partnered with IGC in the design and manufacture of IGC’s veterinarian and human medical devices.

October, 16 2013 - Canadian Patent Issued.

August 11, 2012 - Louis S. McCann, Jr. M.D. joins the IGC Scientific Advisory Board.
View Louis S. McCann, Jr. M.D. Biography

July, 2012 - Boca Raton Orthopaedic Group and Dr. Joseph Purita to conduct a phase 2(b) efficacy study for Immuno-Genic Corporation to demonstrate the attenuation of the inflammatory process in musculoskeletal disorders with IGC's patented therapeutic laser medical device. IGC's medical technology is in the field of Immune System Modulation Therapy known as IMT.
For more information on the Boca Raton Orthopaedic Group and Dr. Joseph Purita visit the following sites:
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July, 2011 - Scheie Eye Institute of Pennsylvania - Dr. Roberta Gausas will be the Primary Investigator for IGC's forthcoming clinical trial to evaluate the Ig2000 technology in the treatment of ocular pain. The study will be conducted at the Scheie Eye Institute. Therapeutic treatment of the eyes with laser light is a novel medical treatment which will distinguish IGC's technology as the first laser to provide direct therapeutic treatment of the eyes. >>

May, 2012 - The Immuno-Genic Corporation launches The Ig2000 Global Health Care Initiative.

October, 2011 - IPPC issues Letter of Intent for a joint partnership with IGC to establish a Wellness Clinic in the Dominican Republic.

November, 2008 - SAMARPAN Hospital Group offers to conduct Ig2000™ clinical trails.
SAMARPAN Hospital Group Proposal >>

June, 2006 - Immuno-Genic Corporation established Immuno-Genic Ireland, Ltd. Immuno-Genic Ireland, Ltd. will be the launching site for Immuno-Genic's E. U. operations. Immuno-Genic has formed a business relationship with Martin Murray of New Vistas Healthcare located in Limerick, Ireland.
Visit New Vistas Healthcare >>

November, 2005 - FDA grants a Non-Significant Risk Classification to IGC's therapeutic medical laser device, the Ig2000™.

November, 2005 - FDA grants an Athermic (non-thermal/non/heating) device classification to IGC's therapeutic medical laser device, the Ig2000™. The healing effect generated by the Ig2000 is based on a chemical process within the body and is not caused via heating of tissue as with a heating pad to increase circulation in a localized area.

November, 2005 - Ocular (eye safety) IGC's therapeutic medical laser is classified as Ocular (eye) safe per FDA guidelines under Laser Notice "50" -Conformance with IEC 60821-1 and IEC 60601-2-22. Ocular conditions such as corneal ulcers, pink-eye and other infections, trauma, and other eye problems can be treated directly with IGC's patented medical device, the Ig2000™.

May, 2002 - IGC's controlled animal studies demonstrates treatment with the Ig2000 produces a systemic or whole body effect.

May, 2002 - IGC's controlled animal studies demonstrates the release of localized nitric oxide and the generation of inducible nitric oxide to improve the healing and resolution of injury, infection, disease, and inflammation, in a therapeutic, non-toxic dose of nitric oxide. Independent analysis and testing by Sievers Ionics (GE Analytical).


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