ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation

Medical Director

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Kenneth S. Helmer MD

Dr. Helmer, is IGC's Medical Director.  He is a Trauma/Acute Care Surgery & Surgical Critical Care specialist who is Board-Certified by the American College of Surgeons in General Surgery and Surgical Critical Care.

Previously, Dr. Helmer had spent three years in a Surgical Research Fellowship at the Trauma Research Center of The University of Texas, Houston Medical School, where he later served as an Assistant Professor of Surgery.  As the Assistant Professor of Surgery, he was actively involved in the training of medical students and surgery residents.

Dr. Helmer also served as a K-12 Scholar at UT-Houston Medical School through the Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences.  As an industry thought leader at numerous national surgical meetings, Dr. Helmer, spent over 9 years actively participating in academic surgical research, primarily focused on gastric physiology, inflammation, and traumatic injury.

Dr. Helmer studied under Dr. F Murad, (Nitric Oxide - Nobel Prize, Medicine 1998) and has conducted and co-authored numerous presentations and articles on Nitric Oxide.  He is a leading authority on Nitric Oxide, producing 8 peer reviewed papers on the subject.  Dr. Helmer is directing the continual research of the effects of the Ig2000 on the on the immune system.

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Dr. Helmer's medical practice is located at the Conroe Regional Medical Center, 504 Medical Center Blvd, Conroe, TX 77304, 832-963-1945.

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