ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation

The IGC Team

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Executive Management Team

Mary BrownMary E. Brown
President, Director of Technology and Regulatory Affairs, and Co-Inventor

Mary Brown's focus is on the technology: getting the product through its FDA Clearance, facilitating additional clinical studies, R&D, providing medical support information for sales in the veterinary and human markets, and directing IP and FDA matters. Mary will be organizing and overseeing clinical studies, participating in R&D, assisting in introducing the technology into the veterinary and human markets.

Mary Brown has devoted more than three decades to the invention, research, design and implementation of the technology that has become known today as the Ig2000TM. Ms. Brown is a Founding Member of Immuno-Genic Corporation (IGC). Mary authored and implemented the patents for the Ig2000, both nationally and internationally. Ms. Brown has been involved in the invention and the research and development of the Ig2000 technology since its inception, working directly with Dr. Brown over a twenty-five year period from the early research and development stages of this innovative and unique combination medical device to where it is today. Mary conducted several years of veterinary research in the field and assisted in the planning and execution of controlled university animal studies. Ms. Brown planned and organized, per FDA guidelines, the "Proof of Concept Study," the pilot study conducted on humans for the application of the Ig2000 technology. Ms. Brown is the company's Director of Regulatory Affairs for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States and foreign Patent and Trademark Offices. Mary authored and submitted the initial FDA application and works directly with the FDA and various research facilities to advance the Ig2000 technology through the FDA process. Mary possesses both oratory and professional writing skills. Mary Brown and Ron Kilpatrick worked together to form Immuno-Genic Ireland, Ltd. to provide a future venue to market to the European Union and to conduct future research. Mary is also working with Charles Colombe and Ron Kilpatrick with the Native American Tribal Counsel with an emphasis on improving healthcare on Native American reservations with the Ig2000. Mary is a five year plus cancer survivor.

Mary Brown is currently the Chairman, President, Director of Technology and Regulatory Affairs, Majority shareholder of Immuno-Genic Corporation, USA, and Director of Immuno-Genic Ireland, Ltd.

Mary Brown is recognized as being the most knowledgeable person alive regarding the use of the Ig2000 and its laser based therapeutic technology.

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Ronald W. Kilpatrick
Finance, Operations, Joint Venture Development

Ronald Kilpatrick's focus will be on the financial management of the company, establishing strategic relationships for sales channels in both the veterinary and human markets, and in international relationships i.e. joint ventures to expand sales in the European and Asian markets. He also has relationships in the high-end equine markets, the Native American Indian markets and in professional boxing and soccer. His focus will be on building sales relationships through his connections on the West Coast and in international markets.

Ron Kilpatrick has over 40 years experience in both the domestic and international management of major corporations. He is the managing partner of Pacific Rim Capital, LLC, which provides venture capital to projects and financial instruments for companies in the international market. Additionally, he provides financial consulting services for private and publicly traded companies and assists in filing their quarterly and annual reports to the SEC. Ron has served on the Immuno-Genic board from 2007-2011. Other prior experiences include being the Executive Vice President of International Operations for Pacesetter Industries, a major manufacturer of modular buildings. During that time, Ron spent the majority of his time in Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam and Indonesia. Previous to that, he was the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Office of PGAL, a major architectural and engineering consulting firm with headquarters located in Houston, Texas. He was responsible for all financial activities of that company. He became the President and CEO for the newly created PGAL International, which was awarded projects in Indonesia and Taiwan. Prior to joining PGAL, Ron was the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Bernard Johnson Incorporated, a major engineering corporation with its headquarters located in Houston, Texas. He also served as Controller for Capital Cities Broadcasting's ABC television station, KTRK, in Houston, Texas. He joined the Public Accounting Firm of Collier, Johnson and Woods upon graduation from college. He graduated from Texas A&M University-Kingsville with a B.A. Degree and a major in accounting.

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The Operational Management Team

Ernest Sirkin
Managing Director of Laser Development, Sales

Ernest Sirkin's focus will be on the design of the proprietary laser diode module for the medical device and assisting in the sales and marketing efforts of IGC due to his extensive international connections in the laser markets. Mr. Sirkin has 40 years of experience in the laser industry with an emphasis on laser diode modules. Mr. Sirkin has been involved in providing the laser diodes for the Ig2000 technology since the first prototype diodes were ordered. Mr. Sirkin has vast international and national contacts in the field of laser technology including manufacturing and national and international sales, including industry trade shows.

Lee Brown Lee Brown
Managing Director of Technology, Manufacturing and Sales

Lee Brown is responsible for coordinating R&D and outsourced manufacturing, quality control, customer service, sales, graphic design, print layout for marketing and sales materials, website design/content, and authorship of technical and operational manuals.

Beginning in 2004 Lee has devoted his time, efforts and energies towards furthering the development of the Ig2000 Technology and the bringing of that technology through the FDA process and to market. He became involved in IGC through Dr. Bradford DVM. His dog was treated with the Ig2000 and Dr. Bradford introduced Lee to Mary Brown. He enrolled in a pilot study where his psoriasis was treated with excellent results.

Prior to working on the Ig2000 project, Mr. Brown worked for General Motors and Chrysler as an automotive service technician, lead technician and shop foreman, and for over 5 years as the service manager for the second largest Chrysler dealership in the US where his service department maintained the highest Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) of any Chrysler dealer in the USA. After that earlier GM and Chrysler training, and for over 17 years thereafter, Mr. Brown was the sole owner of two successful automotive repair centers which, along with the usual mechanical repairs, specialized in automotive electrical, computer, and engine/body control and management systems diagnostics and repair. Mr. Brown's electro-mechanical background has moved through varied interests and directions throughout his life. He has completed time study and cost analysis for design and manufacturing of machined and assembly dependent products for several employers. He has directed "from scratch" jig and routing design for assembly of complete electrical wiring harnesses for M-Series and prototype M-1 Army Tanks, and has profitably bid on, and procured, several government and military electro-mechanical manufacturing contracts for his then current employers. He has worked in the electronics industry in technical support with IBM and other electronic manufacturers.

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Bruce Panciera
Medical/Regulatory Affairs, Senior Executive Assistant

Mr. Panciera assists Ms. Brown in the detailed work of preparing the clinical trial(s) and all patent matters. Mr. Panciera possesses extensive experience in secret, detail oriented government work with General Dynamics since 1989. Mr. Panciera holds Secret Clearance Level 2 involving trident class submarine electrical drawings and engineering notices (ENs). Mr. Panciera's experience with minute detail involving critical operations will enable him to provide exceptional critical input in the formulation, organization, preparation of documents for the clinical research and regulatory divisions of IGC.

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