ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation

Cutting Edge Technology to Enhance Your Veterinary Practice

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Make the Ig2000™ Bio-Photonic Therapeutic Medical Device available for your veterinary practice and enjoy the many benefits available for your small animals. This breakthrough technology can be used to improve the overall health of your small animals as well as resolving many of the problems resistant to current therapies.

The following examples are only a small sample of the many difficult cases that have been resolved through the use of the Ig2000 Bio-Modulation Therapeutic Treatment.

First Choice of Treatment For
Feline Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

The Ig2000 is now the initial therapy prescribed for Feline Upper Respiratory Disease by Dr. W. K. Bradford, DVM, and Dr. Debra Rykoff, DVM. The bio-modulating effect of treatment with The Ig2000 produces rapid resolution and provides the animal with an immediate relief of symptoms. These rapid resolutions are due to the vasodilatory effects of Ig2000 therapy, i.e. increased oxygenation promoting easier breathing and reduction in congestion resulting in accelerated resolution of the disease. In most cases the animal exhibits an immediate "ease of symptoms" and a higher level of comfort. Treatment may also be combined with other therapies.

Corneal Ulcers Respond Rapidly

Case after reported case of Corneal Ulcers show rapid resolution with relief of all symptoms exhibited within the first one to two treatments. Severe cases that had been scheduled for surgery have been resolved within five to six treatments with the Ig2000. The Ig2000 is EYE SAFE and provides a viable, non-invasive modality for the treatment of Corneal Ulcers. Dr. Hanover, DMV reports "good neovasculization, holding eye open and pupil well dilated". After the third treatment, "Surgery has been cancelled." Dr. Long, DVM.

Cruciate Ligament Rupture

Dr. Debra Rykoff of Ventur-On-Farm Clinic utilizes the Ig2000 for superior Cruciate Ligament repair and resolution. The treatment not only provides accelerated healing, but it also greatly reduces inflammation, pain, and inhibits scar tissue thereby allowing for greater mobility and function. Dr. Rykoff has offered to provide her treatment protocol to all Veterinarians. (847-381-8458) Dr. Rykoff States "local and systemic infection as well as Geriatric Orthopedic Disease seems to react very quickly and positively to this treatment".


The treatment of wounds with The Ig2000 is superior to any other modality on the market today. Wounds caused by traumatic injury, surgical incisions, animal bites etc. respond rapidly with or without antibiotics or topical medications. Infection is abated, pain is alleviated, and scarring is minimized to almost non-existent. Re-vascularization begins after the first treatment and by the second to third treatment epithelialization is readily noticeable. One of the most notable observations in wound treatments is in the improvement in tissue integrity with less tissue becoming necrotic.

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