ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation

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Photon Therapy is the use of Light to Enhance the Healing Process

     Make the Ig2000™ Biotech Therapeutic Device available for your equestrian business and enjoy the many benefits available for your equine "investment".
     This breakthrough technology can be used to improve the overall health of your horses as well as resolving many of the chronic problems that have been resistant to traditional therapies.
     The following examples are only a small sampling of the many difficult cases that have been resolved through the use of the Ig2000 Biotech Therapeutic Treatment.

Foal With Pneumonia Given Twenty-Four Hours To Live

The very difficult disorder of equine pneumonia coupled with septic arthritis and other maladies had afflicted a two-week-old Saddlebred foal, which was in critical condition. The foal, owned by Dr. D. Rykoff, DVM, had been given 24 hours to live prior to its treatment with The Ig2000 Therapeutic Device. Dr. Rykoff had arranged for this new treatment, to which the foal responded to immediately. Within 30 days the foal was discharged with lung sound greatly improved. Follow up radiographs showed no scarring in the lungs and no residual joint damage due to the sepsis. The resolution of the foal's pneumonia and the septic arthritis is another example of the dramatic response that is available through The Ig2000 Biotech Therapeutic Treatment.

Accelerated Healing With The Ig2000

A torn equine tendon occurred one week prior to the first Ig2000 therapy. The average tendon injury, involving the superficial digital flexor tendon, requires a fifteen-month healing time. After 32 Ig2000 therapeutic treatments, over a fifty-six day period, the lesion in the tendon had a reduction of 36% and the total area involved in the injury had a 20% reduction. Assuming a constant rate of healing, the administration of the Ig2000 therapy reduced the healing time for this injury by twelve months, for a total projected healing time of three months versus the fifteen months normally required. The Ig2000 therapy provided the level of healing normally requiring 2½ to 3 months to be accelerated to a healing time of two weeks. The ultrasound diagnostics completed between and after the Ig2000 therapies indicated that this resolution to the torn tendon occurred with consistently improving fiber patterns being visible, and without scarring, an important consideration in the elimination of recurring injury.

History Making Surgery On A Five Year Old
Reserve National Champion Purebred Palomino Mare

The Ig2000 therapy was an integral part of the restorative therapy in combination with ultrasound, chiropractic manipulation, and exercise that assisted in the breakthrough procedure involved in the first successful equine femur ostectomy surgery in the world. The Ig2000 Biotech Therapeutic Treatment was chosen by Suzan Franz at the Indian Creek Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center to be used in concert with these treatments to assist in the healing process resulting in the first ever equine femur ostectomy being a complete success

Ten Year Old Stymied By Chronic Pneumonia

This ten year old was plagued with chronic pneumonia for three months without a resolution from standard treatment methods. The veterinarian had treated the pneumonia with all available treatment modalities for three months without positive results. The treating veterinarian requested that the patient be referred to Dr. Hanover and Dr. Rykoff who discontinued the previous treatment regime including antibiotics and began treatment with only the Ig2000 and Transfer Factor Plus. The horse fully recovered from the chronic pneumonia within one month with no residual damage.

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