ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation

Veterinary Applications

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Therapies with the Ig2000™ have demonstrated a very high success rate with a record of significant achievements in the treatment of cases that traditional veterinary medicine has been unable to resolve. Ig2000 Photon Therapy treatments demonstrate a new, non-drug, therapeutic technique that can and will significantly improve standard veterinary medical treatment regimes whether used as a stand-alone or adjunctive therapy. Therapies with the Ig2000 demonstrate a positive effect on the animal’s immune system facilitating the animal’s own innate immune response and its ability to fight and defend against diseases, ailments, and disorders.

The Ig2000 is safe and easy to use. It is non-invasive and there are no known negative side effects. Treatment sessions are brief and results are proven.

It has been observed and documented in over 500,000 therapies, both in the field and clinically, that treatments with the Ig2000 stimulate a highly beneficial immuno-therapeutic affect, demonstrating consistent and repeatable positive outcomes when treating various diseases, disorders, injuries, and ailments.

Pets will not experience pain, nor damage to their coat, skin, or eyes from Ig2000 therapy. Positive results to complete resolution are commonly seen within the course of three treatments with the Ig2000.

At the track, in the show barn, or in the clinic, the Ig2000 technology provides sound therapeutic solutions for both large and small animals, alike.

Immuno-Genic Corporation’s Ig2000 technology and its related Photon Therapy Devices are available to veterinarians, animal rehab specialists, sports trainers, breeding farms and pet owners.

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