ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation

Ig2000™ Applications

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The Ig2000 technology is being used commercially as both a stand-alone modality and as an adjunctive/complimentary modality in veterinary medicine.

The Ig2000 Immune System Modulation Therapy delivers a localized plus SYSTEMIC effect within the body. The body’s Immune System is involved in the healing process initiated by the Ig. This property of systemic involvement is unique to the Ig and is made possible thru the intrinsic properties of the infrared light generated by the device and the absorptive quality of that infrared light. The systemic activity of the Ig is not declining in nature from the point of therapy. The systemic effect is provided through the immune system. Independent controlled studies have demonstrated this property of the Ig2000 technology.

The Ig2000 topically treats internal organs non-invasively and safely with no known negative side effects demonstrated with over 500,000 successful therapies having been administered to date.

As a stand alone modality the Ig has proven extremely successful in the attenuation of pain related to various Musculoskeletal disorders such as Arthritis, Tendon and Ligament injuries, Trauma such as Fracture and Blunt Force Trauma. Additionally the pain from Wounds, Burns, Hematomas and diseases such as Herpes and Herpes Zoster (shingles), Corneal Ulcers and Ocular Inflammation, Diabetic Neuropathy and Diabetic Ulcers, and the visceral pain of Cancer is successfully attenuated. Pain and discomfort associated with Pulmonary conditions such as Upper Respiratory Infections and Pneumonia is attenuated. The Ig is also proving extremely efficacious in the stand alone treatment of torn tendons and ligaments, most notably in Thoroughbred Racing Horses. Tendons and ligaments heal in an accelerated healing time with little to zero fibrotic (scar) tissue, thereby not limiting range of motion.

In usage as an adjunctive modality for treatments beyond the attenuation of pain, the Ig is proving to be extremely efficacious in the attenuation of symptoms related to the Herpes Virus, and in controlling the inflammation and encouraging the healing process while limiting the associated scarring from the Herpes lesions. Adjunctive application of the Ig also demonstrates superior resolution to Wounds and Burns providing excellent Contracture, Discouragement of Infection, and Minimal Scarring post resolution. Pulmonary conditions such as Upper Respiratory disease and Pneumonia also respond quickly to Ig treatment with follow-up radiographs showing no scarring of lung tissue.

The proprietary patented Ig2000 technology has been used extensively in the veterinary medical field since 1999 and continuing research in humans is ongoing within FDA guidelines.

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