ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation

Veterinary Applications & Case Studies

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Corneal Ulcers Respond Rapidly

Case after reported case of Corneal Ulcers show rapid resolution with relief of all symptoms exhibited within the first one to two treatments. Severe cases that were scheduled for surgery were resolved within five to six treatments. The Ig2000 is EYE SAFE and provides a viable, non-invasive treatment modality. Dr. Hanover, DMV reports "Good neovasculization, holding eye open and pupil well dilated". After the third treatment, "Surgery has been cancelled." Dr. Long, DVM.

Ocular Cases Summarized by Treating Veterinarians

"A 12 year-old feline presented with a corneal ulcer on 6/20. Surgery had been scheduled prior to the first Ig2000 treatment. The therapy was administered by a veterinarian. Photon therapy was administered for five minutes. Immediately following the treatment the veterinarian assessed that to his amazement the eye was drier and less angry looking. The second five-minute treatment was administered by the veterinarian the following day. Before the 2nd treatment the doctor noted that the eye showed less inflammation, less ocular discharge, better clarity and in general had additional improvement. On the third day, following two Ig2000 treatments, the cat presented with much improvement and the doctor stated that surgery was no longer required. The veterinarian administered the third Ig2000 therapy and a fourth and final treatment was administered after a two-day break in the therapy sessions. The corneal ulcer resolved to the satisfaction of the veterinarian after four Ig2000, five minute treatments."

"Traumatic Corneal ulcer in quarter Horse Gelding. An adult quarter horse gelding was presented on emergency for a painful left eye. After tranquilization, examination revealed a large, deep central ulcer in the left cornea measuring approximately 2cm in width and 1.2cm in height. The depth was variable within the injury ranging from 1-2mm approximately. The horse was photophobic with marked vascular engorgement of conjunctival vessels. Photon therapy using the Ig2000 was initiated for 10 minutes for three consecutive days. The horse was also administered atropine Sed-bid to effect and triple antibiotic ointment 4-5 times daily topically in the affected eye. By 24 hours post presentation the depth of the wound had disappeared, the conjunctivitis had resolved and the horse appeared comfortable. There was corneal edema in the area of the wound. This edema resolved after 24 more hours. Topical medications were continued for seven days total. The horse recovered quickly and without complications. In the veterinarians opinion "the early treatment with the Ig2000 expedited healing of this wound and markedly increased the comfort of the animal during his recovery".

"A 17-year-old thoroughbred gelding presented with a large corneal ulcer in the right eye on May 10th. The pupil was constricted. Administered gentocin ophth and atropine ophth and oral banamine. Recommended Ig2000 treatment due to the size, depth and pain in this case. The owner declined. On May 22nd the pupil only partially dilated, very painful, poor neovascularizstion. Continued treatment and started therapy with the Ig2000 for 5 minutes every other day. On March 1st the ulcer was smaller, eye was mildly painful, and neovascularization was poor. Continued the Ig2000 therapy. On March 7th there was good neovascularization/blood supply, holding eye open and pupil well dilated. On March 19th, after banamine was discontinued for one week, the eye was open and comfortable. Flourscein stain showed very superficial, very good blood supply. The treating veterinarian stated that he felt that the Ig2000 accelerated the vascularization and decreased the pain significantly for his patient."

"A 4-year-old canine presented with a melting corneal ulcer. Ig2000 therapy was initiated for five minutes every other day. The treating veterinarian saw a decrease in pain and initiation of neovascularization after the 2nd treatment."

"A thoroughbred yearling presented with a corneal ulcer. Ig2000 therapy was initiated for three days, every other day, for five minutes each treatment. The ulcer was resolved following the third treatment." (This case was treated by an owner/breeder)

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