ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation

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Immuno-Genic Corporation (IGC) was incorporated in Nevada in   October of 2001.  IGC is a private company with 271 shareholders.


IGC is a Medical Device Research & Development Company Specializing in Immune Modulation Therapy, IMT, to; Control Inflammation, Attenuate Acute and Chronic Pain, Mediate the Disease Process and to Accelerate the Healing Process through the control of the body's natural Nitric Oxide (NO) immune response.


IGC's vision is to provide improved "Quality of Life" through the advancement of tomorrow's healthcare today, for all mammals, animal and human..


The IGC mission is to advance to the top of the field of Bio-photonic medicine with its patented, breakthrough, Photoceutical™ technology.


IGC's Home office is located at:
921 South Ridgewood Avenue
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114

The West Coast office is located at:
5380 Boyer Road
Mariposa, California 95338


IGC is planning to launch its proprietary human and veterinary treatment devices during 2012-13, and is anticipating the completion of two clinical trials concerning the attenuation of ocular pain and musculoskeletal pain in humans. IGC has received a proposal that the Company is currently pursuing to open medical clinics in several Caribbean countries. This opportunity and the conducive regulatory environment in the Caribbean would allow the Company to offer treatment to humans and to begin generating immediate revenue with significant costs savings to the Company.

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