ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation

Ig2000™ Clinical Data - Thymus Sections

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Thymus Sections Ig2000 Treated Felines

Thymus Sections

Placebo Control Feline vs. Ig2000™ Treated Feline
Overall Improvements to Thymic Structure Post Ig2000 Treatments

The Slides above Compare the Thymus of a Placebo Treated Control Feline to the Thymus of a Feline treated with the Ig2000 Therapeutic Laser

40X magnification shows an overall increase in the areas of individual thymic lobules in the treated vs. the placebo treated feline thymus (Panels A & B). Notice how the edges of the lobules in Panel A are more rounded and do not crowd the adjacent lobule, while the edges of the lobules in Panel B are more angular and more closely abut the adjacent lobules.

400X magnification shows a similar cell density in both Panels C & D but with an overall increase in the volume of tissue in Panel D. The results of the necropsies further demonstrated that, while all the thymic structures examined were normal, an overall increase in the volume of tissue along with a slight increase in the number of Thymocytes was observed in both of the Ig2000 treated felines (n=2) when compared to the placebo treated control feline (n=1) shown above, and/or the six historical age-matched controls (n=6 not shown).

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