ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation

Ig2000™ Clinical Data - Nitric Oxide Modulation Study

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Nitric Oxide Modulation Study - Ig2000 Therapy

“Independent Equine and Canine Case Study to
Demonstrate Nitric Oxide Modulation via Non-Invasive
Irradiation with Ig2000™ Infrared Wavelength Light.”
Test shows immune modulation in healthy animals.

Non-Parametric Means Test Design

The 6 test subjects were evaluated “normal” healthy animals by an independent licensed Veterinarian. All test intervention was administered to the animals by that same licensed Veterinarian who also collected all of the samples and then shipped those samples per protocol to Sievers Ionics (GE Analytical) for Nitric Oxide analysis by Dr. Hutte of Sievers Ionics.

Nitric Oxide Modulation

“Significant increases in nitrate concentrations (P<0.05) between pre & post 30 minute treatment samples”.
“Significant differences (P<0.05) between the post 30 min. and post 120 min. samples”.
“No difference between pre and post 120 minute samples”.

Non-Parametric Means Test Design

Maximum Differences for Pairs of Groups
  Pre Post 30 Post 120
Pre 0.000    
Post 30 0.846 0.000  
Post 120 0.385 0.615 0.000


Two-Sided Probabilities
  Pre Post 30 Post 120
Pre 1.000    
Post 30 0.000 1.000  
Post 120 0.263 0.010 1.000

Analysis performed at Sievers Ionics (GE Analytical) by Dr. R. Hutte

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