ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation

Ig2000™ Clinical Data - Nitric Oxide in Plasma Study

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Nitric Oxide in Plasma Study

Nitric Oxide in Plasma Study - Ig2000™ Therapy

Feline Immune Modulation Therapy Study with Ig2000 treatments

Experiment Summary:
The Normal Cat (Queen) was healthy and untreated. The *Placebo Treated cat (n=1 f) was sickly and it is theorized that its Nitric Oxide levels were naturally elevated do to an idiopathic illness and was used in this experiment for Nitric Oxide level comparison to the untreated and the treated cats. The Ig2000 Treated cats (n=2 m&f) were healthy. Blood samples were taken on all 4 cats 30 minutes pre & post treatment time. For better repeatability the assays were done in triplicate and Nitric Oxide concentrations calculated from a nitrate standard curve (0.1 to 100µm). Nitric Oxide Analysis was performed by Sievers Ionics, Boulder, Colorado (G.E. Analytical)

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