ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation

Ig2000™ Clinical Data - Trends - Immune System Stimulation

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Immune System Stimulation - Ig2000 Therapy

Exhibit: Trends - Immune System Stimulation

Experiment Study Design:

A randomized placebo controlled feline study designed to test Immune System Stimulation via the administration of Ig2000™ infrared irradiation. 12 active Ig2000 treatments were administered @ 5 minutes each to the treatment group (n=2 m&f) and 12 inactive light probe (Sham) treatments were administered @ 5 minutes each to the placebo cat (n=1 f) over a 23 day period. The placebo control cat appeared sickly and it was decided not to use the data gathered from the placebo here and to compare instead averaged data acquired from 6 historical controls that had been raised and housed at the lab for six plus years. Necropsies were preformed on day 24. Nitric Oxide analysis of the sickly cat is included in Exhibit: Trends - Nitric Oxide in Plasma, as it displays a comparative natural immune stimulation along with an increased Nitric Oxide level induced by an idiopathic illness. The study cats consisted of a Queen, her litter-matched offspring, and six aged-matched historical controls.

Increased % of immature CD4+/CD8+ Thymocytes with Ig200 infrared treatment

Lymph Node Cells
Increased % of B-Lymphocytes (IgG+) with Ig2000 infrared treatment

CD4:CD8 Ratio
Increased CD4:CD8 ratio in thymus and blood with Ig2000 infrared treatment

Peripheral Blood Cells:
T-Lymphocytes (CD4+) increased with Ig2000 infrared treatment
B-Lymphocytes (IgG+) decreased with Ig2000 infrared treatment

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