ImmunoGenic 2000 Theraputic Immune Modulation

Ig2000™ Clinical Data - Chronic Idiopathic High WBC Blood Analysis

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Chart Graph Chronic High WBC Ig2000 Laser Therapy

Chronic Idiopathic High WBC - Blood Analysis - Ig2000™ Therapeutic Laser Treatments

Comparison of a Foal’s Pre-Treatment Baseline Blood Analysis with the Post-Treatment Samples Obtained Following Ig2000 Laser Treatments

A Foal was diagnosed by a Licensed Veterinarian with a Chronic high white blood count (WBC) of unknown origin and a Fibrinogen (Fib) level at the high-end of normal. The Foal was on a regimen of Rifampin, an antibiotic, without result. The administration of Rifampin was however continued, and five (5) Ig2000 Laser Treatments were also administered. 48 hrs post Ig2000 treatment #5 the WBC was 13.3 and the Fib was 300. No further Ig2000 treatments were ordered and the Foal was returned to normal activities. A subsequent 96 hour post-treatment #5 re-check of the Foal by the farm Veterinarian resulted in a normal WBC reading.

Summary WBC:
Pre- 1st Ig2000 treatment on 8/26 - 19.8 --- 21 hrs post treatment #1 - 17.3
Pre-3rd Ig2000 treatment on 9/02 - 15.2 --- 20 hrs post treatment #3 - 6.1
Pre- 5th treatment on 9/08 - 11.1 --- 48 hrs post treatment #5 - 13.3
96 hrs post-treatment-five analysis showed a normalized 12.0 WBC

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