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Ig2000™ Clinical Data - Blood Gas Radiometer ABL 5 Blood Analysis Chart

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Chart Foal Pneumonia Blood Gas Radiometer ABL5 Ig2000 Laser Therapy

Foal With Pneumonia - Blood Gas Radiometer ABL 5 Blood Analysis Chart

Comparison of a Foal’s Pre-Treatment Baseline Arterial Blood Gas Analysis with the Post-Treatment Sample Obtained Immediately Following One Ten Minute Ig2000 Laser Therapy:

pH         Increased from 7.13 to 7.17 – Improvement. Indicator of trend toward alkaline balance –
pCO2     Decreased from 70mmHg to 58mmHg – a 17.14% decrease – Improvement indicator of decreased hyperventilation and the amount of carbon dioxide dissolved in arterial blood; Improved gas exchange through the lungs to the outside air –
pO2       Increased from 24mmHg to 34mmHg – a 41.66% increase – Improvement indicator of the percentage of oxygen gas uptake in the lungs and its diffusion in the blood –
sO2       Increased from 26% to 50% – a 92% increase – Improvement indicator of the % of oxygen gas saturation in the blood –
tCO2     Decreased from 24mmol/L to 22mmol/L – an 8.4% decrease – Effect of decreased hypoxia and rapid oxygen uptake.

Summary: One (1) Ig2000™ Therapeutic Laser Treatment was administered to a foal with advanced pneumonia. The foal suffered from extremely labored breathing and was receiving continuous supplemental oxygen prior to, and during the treatments. Treatment was administered over the lungs for 10 minutes duration. The foal’s comfort level and breathing eased during the course of the treatment.

The pre-treatment baseline blood analysis readings along with the post-Ig2000 treatment blood gas analysis readings from the Patient are shown.

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